JUGNJ - Custom Fields - External Content

Event Date: 26 August 2020

virtual meeting
New Jersey
E Brunswick
United States
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Laura Gordon

Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5:00)
Event Description

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Guest Speaker:
Marc Dechèvre - 

Joomla 4 Beta was released on 30 May 2020 and I am happy to see that this causes much excitement and many interesting discussions in the Joomla Community.

Amongst the new major feature we have :

The new media manager, which will be obviously useful to all users, The workflow, which will be useful in many cases, And Webservices, which is more a developer thing but really open new possibilities. This will indeed allow for example to use your Joomla website as a source for other websites/apps/…

So in this context of Webservices I was thinking : what about using Joomla Custom Fields to synchronise data from other sources (like open-data in json format for example) ?

  • So instead of having Joomla feeding other websites/apps/… like we will be able to do with J!4, we can already easily feed J!3 from external sources.
  • Thanks to the Joomla friends on https://forum.joomla.fr we quickly came up with a simple plugin, very light and very easy to edit/customise.
  • To have a preview of how to synchronise your Custom Fields with an external source on a multilingual Joomla website, you can already see https://sync.joomlacustomfields.org/fr/