Full Name Organisation/Company Sponsored on Amount Reason for sponsoring
Writers Per Hour 24-Jul-2020 $ 3,000 Writers Per Hour is supporting Joomla to help people build awesome websites for free. We are also running few blogs on Joomla!
Ryan Demmer Widget Factory Limited 27-Mar-2018 $ 1,000
Joomla Connections, LLC 21-Aug-2020 $ 1,000 Joomla CMS is a TRUE Open Source software and deserves support.
JoomlaShine Team Bravebits 02-Jul-2018 $ 500 Sponsor for Joomla! Future
Jocelyn Kearl Third Sun Productions 20-Dec-2019 $ 500 We appreciate the Joomla community and progress the project is making.
JoomlaShine Team JoomlaShine 17-Jul-2018 $ 250 Donate For Joomla Privacy Tool Suite
JoomlaShine Team BRAVEBITS 31-Aug-2018 $ 250 Support Joomla! Launch Project
Jardin djumla GmbH 07-May-2020 $ 250
djumla GmbH 24-Aug-2020 $ 250
Jordi Catà Criteria Comunicació Digital S.L. 27-Mar-2018 $ 100
@InfoprosNetwork 28-Mar-2018 $ 100
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan 23-Apr-2018 $ 100
Pablo Arias Pablo Arias Ramos 15-May-2018 $ 100 Because Joomla rocks
Eric Verbeek VIPHouten 14-Jun-2018 $ 100 Spread the love :)
Ed Hathaway GraphicAholic 14-Aug-2018 $ 100 The Joomla Community has given so much to me personally & professionally. I develop free Joomla extensions as a way to give back to the Joomla Community. Making a financial contribution to Joomla is the very least I could do!
JoomlaShine Team Bravebits 27-Sep-2018 $ 100 Sponsor for "Celebrate the first day of Joomla! Initial version 13 years ago"
Simon Kluba Comdev 15-Feb-2019 $ 100 We're with Joomla and extensions directory for a long time and we're grateful being part of it.
Don Anderson 24-Feb-2019 $ 100
Catherine Larson 25-Feb-2019 $ 100 I use Joomla and believe in the project.
Frank Petrov BCS Website Services 25-Feb-2019 $ 100 Joomla is important to my business.