Full Name Organisation/Company Sponsored on Amount Reason for sponsoring
Ryan Demmer Widget Factory Limited 27-Mar-2018 $ 1,000
Jordi Catà Criteria Comunicació Digital S.L. 27-Mar-2018 $ 100
@InfoprosNetwork 28-Mar-2018 $ 100
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan 23-Apr-2018 $ 100
Robinson formfranska 10-Mar-2018 $ 50 Joomla deserves a better position and brand awwareness.
Björs Björs IT konsult 11-Mar-2018 $ 50 I’ve been using Joomla many years and are very pleased. U want to give something back!
Thierry Tardif Alpha Design 27-Mar-2018 $ 50
Mouyade Proximity Agence Web 27-Mar-2018 $ 50 I sponsor Joomla because I earn some money with it, because it’s an amazing community and because Joomla is the best CMS. I also sponsor Joomla to let the community organise events like Joomla world conference
Beat Bachmann 27-Mar-2018 $ 50
Nickerson 06-Feb-2018 $ 25
E-BASE.GR E-BASE.GR 27-Feb-2018 $ 25 because joomla is the best open source software with many and easy-to-use features
Jurgen Gaeremyn Sjette Online 08-Mar-2018 $ 25 Joomla has been shaping a lot of my sites. I've been supporting a lot of companies around Joomla and think it's only fair to also support Joomla itself (oh... and a really cool brand name for this organisation: Open Source matters indeed!)
Alison Meeks ~ AM Graphix AM GRAPHIX 28-Mar-2018 $ 25 I build on Joomla. I like the idea of being able to donate when I finish a build. I hope this remains active.
Nop 29-Mar-2018 $ 25 The best open source CMS.
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