Full Name Organisation/CompanySponsored onAmountReason for sponsoring
Ryan Demmer Widget Factory Limited 27-Mar-2018 $ 1,000  
Joomla Connections, LLC 21-Aug-2020 $ 1,000 Joomla CMS is a TRUE Open Source software and deserves support.
JoomlaShine Team Bravebits 02-Jul-2018 $ 500 Sponsor for Joomla! Future
Jocelyn Kearl Third Sun Productions 20-Dec-2019 $ 500 We appreciate the Joomla community and progress the project is making.
JoomlaShine Team JoomlaShine 17-Jul-2018 $ 250 Donate For Joomla Privacy Tool Suite
JoomlaShine Team BRAVEBITS 31-Aug-2018 $ 250 Support Joomla! Launch Project
Jardin djumla GmbH 07-May-2020 $ 250  
djumla GmbH 24-Aug-2020 $ 250  
Jordi Catà Criteria Comunicació Digital S.L. 27-Mar-2018 $ 100  
@InfoprosNetwork 28-Mar-2018 $ 100  
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan 23-Apr-2018 $ 100  
Pablo Arias Pablo Arias Ramos 15-May-2018 $ 100 Because Joomla rocks
Eric Verbeek VIPHouten 14-Jun-2018 $ 100 Spread the love :)
Ed Hathaway GraphicAholic 14-Aug-2018 $ 100 The Joomla Community has given so much to me personally & professionally. I develop free Joomla extensions as a way to give back to the Joomla Community. Making a financial contribution to Joomla is the very least I could do!
JoomlaShine Team Bravebits 27-Sep-2018 $ 100 Sponsor for "Celebrate the first day of Joomla! Initial version 13 years ago"
Simon Kluba Comdev 15-Feb-2019 $ 100 We're with Joomla and extensions directory for a long time and we're grateful being part of it.
Don Anderson 24-Feb-2019 $ 100  
Catherine Larson 25-Feb-2019 $ 100 I use Joomla and believe in the project.
Frank Petrov BCS Website Services 25-Feb-2019 $ 100 Joomla is important to my business.
Jeff Truthan SkillTRAN LLC 11-Jun-2019 $ 100 Joomla has been a great CMS to help me build a number of useful sites.
Digitale Lernumgebung Caten Rabenek 28-Jun-2019 $ 100 Joomla is the basis of my business.
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan webdesign 17-Jul-2019 $ 100 As a thank you for all the work of community members. I earn money building websites with Joomla!
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan 18-Sep-2019 $ 100 As a thank you for all the work of community members. I earn money building websites with Joomla!
Olivier Buisard Simplify Your Web 21-Oct-2019 $ 100 To give back to the community.
Simone Rindlisbacher webcan 17-Dec-2019 $ 100 Thanks for all your work!
- Stéphane Bouey Faboba 24-Mar-2020 $ 100 I work with Joomla and make component since some year now.
Jorda Web-tactics.com 24-Mar-2020 $ 100 I've been a Joomla Developer/Designer since 2005.
LINIENLAND 11-May-2020 $ 100  
Kahl Consultants 15-May-2020 $ 100 Kahl Consultants provides online marketing services for small business and nonprofit customers. We specialize in Joomla websites.
Rindlisbacher webcan 23-Jun-2020 $ 100 I use Joomla! professionally
Rindlisbacher webcan 28-Sep-2020 $ 100  
Horgan OrganicWebs 16-Oct-2020 $ 100 To giving something back. Joomla is an amazing. I was going to by another Tee shirt, but the Joolma shop Merch doesn't send to Australia or New Zealand - so I can give this way. Pity that our two countries were snubbed.
Arkell Add Value Websites 10-Nov-2020 $ 100 If it's Open Source, I support it.
Robinson formfranska 10-Mar-2018 $ 50 Joomla deserves a better position and brand awwareness.
Björs Björs IT konsult 11-Mar-2018 $ 50 I’ve been using Joomla many years and are very pleased. U want to give something back!
Thierry Tardif Alpha Design 27-Mar-2018 $ 50  
Mouyade Proximity Agence Web 27-Mar-2018 $ 50 I sponsor Joomla because I earn some money with it, because it’s an amazing community and because Joomla is the best CMS. I also sponsor Joomla to let the community organise events like Joomla world conference
Beat Bachmann 27-Mar-2018 $ 50  
Srdjan 16-May-2018 $ 50  
STEPHAN HERBY Stephan Herby 18-May-2018 $ 50 Live as Joomla Webmaster for now 13 years.
Keith McCartan Hwy52 Digital 22-May-2018 $ 50 Use Joomla in our business and want to support the project.
Adi Heutschi adiheutschi.ch - webdesign 03-Jul-2018 $ 50  
Þorsteinn Marteinsson 22-Jul-2018 $ 50  
Anonymous 31-Aug-2018 $ 50  
JoomlaShine Team Bravebits 13-Nov-2018 $ 50 JoomlaShine run a campaign J!Day Germany 2018. We will sponsor 10% of revenue to Joomla! Community
Bhavesh Khatri joomlastars 20-Nov-2018 $ 50 We making joomla templates, We want to do help for joomla make better
Philippe Lambotte (vowie) m4ucode 30-Jan-2019 $ 50  
Tom Pallone Okaloosa County Clerk of Courts 24-Feb-2019 $ 50 Love Joomla and what it can do...
Patrick Mouyade Proximity Agence Web 19-Mar-2019 $ 50 Because I’m part of Joomla’s community
Perry 26-Mar-2019 $ 50  
Anonymous 11-Apr-2019 $ 50  
Philippe Lambotte 27-Apr-2019 $ 50  
Anonymous 03-Dec-2019 $ 50  
Rohit Vishal Kumar 18-Dec-2019 $ 50 I am using Joomla to develop my personal website.Hence this small contribution for a great software
Mouyade Proximity agence web 31-Jan-2020 $ 50 Joomla community gives regular updates, i give regular sponsorship
Yefet blackisgood.ch 24-Mar-2020 $ 50  
Znaor 24-Mar-2020 $ 50 We need Joomla to thrive :)
Ignacio Granados 28-Mar-2020 $ 50  
AtoutWeb 02-Jun-2020 $ 50 support Joomla
Zwanzig 10-Sep-2020 $ 50  
Web357 04-Nov-2020 $ 50 I use Joomla! the past ten years and I really love it. Is one of the best CMS, and I usually use it on every project. I would like to stay at the top of all popular CMS in market.
Nickerson 06-Feb-2018 $ 25  
E-BASE.GR E-BASE.GR 27-Feb-2018 $ 25 because joomla is the best open source software with many and easy-to-use features
Jurgen Gaeremyn Sjette Online 08-Mar-2018 $ 25 Joomla has been shaping a lot of my sites. I've been supporting a lot of companies around Joomla and think it's only fair to also support Joomla itself (oh... and a really cool brand name for this organisation: Open Source matters indeed!)
Alison Meeks ~ AM Graphix AM GRAPHIX 28-Mar-2018 $ 25 I build on Joomla. I like the idea of being able to donate when I finish a build. I hope this remains active.
Nop 29-Mar-2018 $ 25 The best open source CMS.
Jerome BAPTISTE 15-May-2018 $ 25  
Valentin Zischg VAZID Valentin Zischg Werbeagentur VAZID 15-May-2018 $ 25  
JUG Milano Centro 16-May-2018 $ 25 Because we are jommlers
Davide Togni 16-May-2018 $ 25  
component-creator.com Jensen Technologies SL 22-May-2018 $ 25 Joomla Rocks!
abacmedia 12-Jun-2018 $ 25  
Martin Reese martin reese it-service 03-Jul-2018 $ 25 Joomla! Rocks!!
BlueStoneDesign BlueStoneDesign 04-Jul-2018 $ 25 Joomla is great. We develop themes and extensions for many years.
Shirielle D Williams Danico Enterprises Inc 04-Jul-2018 $ 25 I love building sites with Joomla! The community is fantastic and I'm honored to be apart of it.
CrosslineMedia CrosslineMedia 13-Aug-2018 $ 25 Thanks to all developers and their great work!
Anonymous 27-Aug-2018 $ 25  
Sven Lewerentz 18-Sep-2018 $ 25  
Llewellyn van der Merwe Vast Development Method 22-Oct-2018 $ 25 Because Open Source Matters!
Anonymous 30-Oct-2018 $ 25  
Anonymous 05-Nov-2018 $ 25  
Javier Gómez 19-Nov-2018 $ 25  
Anonymous 30-Nov-2018 $ 25  
Sebastian Brümmer Jork, Brümmer GbR | *produktivbüro 10-Dec-2018 $ 25  
Eco Web Design Eco Web Design 15-Dec-2018 $ 25 Joomla is the best CMS!
JExtensions Store JExtensions Store 12-Jan-2019 $ 25 Joomla! is our passion, love and daily job. We develop extensions since many years and hope in a great future.
Prior-Byrne Bush Healing Centre 15-Jan-2019 $ 25 I have used the system for a few years and like it and have not been able to contribute much but I do respect and need to learn.
Ermal Senja Atollo 16-Jan-2019 $ 25 Make Joomla Better!
Marius Bara CMSJunkie 19-Jan-2019 $ 25 We are all growing by contributing to community.
Cameron Barr Magnetic Merchandising Inc. 14-Feb-2019 $ 25 I have benefited a great deal from the Joomla! project and it's only right that I should support it.
Justyne Lobello Georgia Reptile Society 24-Feb-2019 $ 25  
Jocelyn Mozak Mozak Design 24-Feb-2019 $ 25 Joomla Day Florida 2019
Shimoni LiveSites 24-Feb-2019 $ 25 Joomla Day Florida
Jim Gregory 24-Feb-2019 $ 25 JoomlaDay Florida matching by CloudAccess.net. Thank you, Jonathon Gafill
Solanki Forward Services 11-Mar-2019 $ 25 Just Love Joomla and wish it to grow super big, so just little help doing and will keep doing as and when i can. Thank you all
Becky Riggle Blue Cloud Studio 28-Mar-2019 $ 25 Joomla is a fantastic CMS for building powerful websites.
Bernhard Mair 1966 28-Mar-2019 $ 25  
Stephan Herby [ SH ] 28-Mar-2019 $ 25 Using Joomla since 2004 - Actually statrted with Mambo :-)
Anonymous 30-Mar-2019 $ 25  
Anonymous 10-Apr-2019 $ 25  
Anonymous 02-Jul-2019 $ 25  
Anonymous 03-Sep-2019 $ 25  
Webagentur-Helm Webagentur-Helm 18-Sep-2019 $ 25  
Sakis Terz https://breakdesigns.net 23-Sep-2019 $ 25 I want to see the project going on and flourishing.
Anonymous 17-Oct-2019 $ 25  
BlueStoneDesign BlueStoneDesign 18-Oct-2019 $ 25 Joomla is great!
Josefin Bjørklund toppcasinobonus 17-Nov-2019 $ 25 We use Joomla daily!
Bert Mannaert Vaconi IT 03-Dec-2019 $ 25 Because Joomla! rocks...
Jose 03-Dec-2019 $ 25  
Bill Ervin 09-Dec-2019 $ 25  
Angela Priv. 28-Dec-2019 $ 25 Because I love Joomla!
Anonymous 10-Feb-2020 $ 25  
Blokdijk Cloudfaction 19-Feb-2020 $ 25 Love the Joomla Project
Anonymous 04-Mar-2020 $ 25  
VELANO LTD 13-Mar-2020 $ 25 To help the community continue
Departamento Q 21-Mar-2020 $ 25  
Longwitz Webdesign Burgdorf 24-Mar-2020 $ 25 <3
A. Cidre Bardelás 24-Mar-2020 $ 25  
Petrovic IP Plus Studio 25-Mar-2020 $ 25 We're using Joomla for 12 years
Eldaraa Advac Systems 25-Mar-2020 $ 25  
KIRK 26-Mar-2020 $ 25  
joomlastars 03-Apr-2020 $ 25 joomla community help
Nyström 17-Jun-2020 $ 25 Giving back!
Ross My Website Designer 25-Jun-2020 $ 25 Joomla the best real CMS out there
Melguizo 13-Jul-2020 $ 25 I am a Joomla extension developer
Klauz 13-Sep-2020 $ 25  
AdmirorDesignStudio 04-Nov-2020 $ 25 To give my support for the great work Joomla organisation is doing :)
Zgouletas Web Expert Servcices 04-Nov-2020 $ 25  
BlueStoneDesign 05-Nov-2020 $ 25 Joomla is Great!
Tanidis Triantafillos Web Development Solutions & Courses 15-May-2018 $ 5 I Love Joomla!
Davide Messia 15-May-2018 $ 5  
Roberto Longo 16-May-2018 $ 5  
Florian Georgescu 02-Jul-2018 $ 5 I'm using Joomla since 2009 and I think is time for me to give something back, even it is a small amount. Thank you.
Pizzoferro 03-Jul-2018 $ 5 I've been using Joomla for many years. I love our CMS.
Anonymous 13-Jul-2018 $ 5  
Anonymous 13-Jul-2018 $ 5  
Omerspahic KOMart 17-Jul-2018 $ 5 It is very simple why I am sponsoring Joomla. In my work I prefer it, and I really love Joomla.
Triantafillos Tanidis Tanidis | IT 13-Aug-2018 $ 5 I love Joomla and I want to evolve as much as possible.
Filemon Aguilar Nieto 20-Aug-2018 $ 5  
Regenesis Computers Network 23-Aug-2018 $ 5  
Anonymous 01-Sep-2018 $ 5  
Quentaro Maester 18-Oct-2018 $ 5  
Abrahall Joomv Ltd 22-Oct-2018 $ 5 This is a test
Michel Scheufler 09-Nov-2018 $ 5 You are offering a great free product that has already enabled me many great websites
AgeThemes.com Age Themes 12-Nov-2018 $ 5 We love Joomla!
Anonymous 19-Nov-2018 $ 5  
Free Joomla templates EngineTemplates.com 24-Nov-2018 $ 5 We love Joomla!
Oli 13-Dec-2018 $ 5  
Anonymous 10-Jan-2019 $ 5  
No Bites Tonight London No Bites Tonight 17-Jan-2019 $ 5 We use joomla for years and we always look forward to see joomla’s progress!
Bill Ray Oceansites 18-Jan-2019 $ 5 Becaue you guys are awesome.
Constantinescu Nicolaie 24-Jan-2019 $ 5 Because I rely on Joomla.
Giovanni Villani Semantik 15-Feb-2019 $ 5 I'm sponsoring because Joomla is fantastic
Thisara De Silva 03-Mar-2019 $ 5 to appreciate Joomla
Alexey Kurguz EXP team 07-Mar-2019 $ 5 I love Joomla CMS !
Daniel yates Yates plumbing and gas 20-Mar-2019 $ 5  
Anonymous 22-Mar-2019 $ 5  
Dimitrios 02-Apr-2019 $ 5  
Max Walder Private 03-Apr-2019 $ 5 Because I use Components of you and I like them. Thank you.
Anton Sharikov 04-Jun-2019 $ 5  
Anonymous 08-Jul-2019 $ 5  
Anonymous 04-Sep-2019 $ 5  
András Rátonyi 04-Sep-2019 $ 5  
Sébastien Garcia 17-Oct-2019 $ 5  
Anson Lee 28-Oct-2019 $ 5  
Robert A Ireland artforsalebyarist 08-Nov-2019 $ 5 Joomla looks cool
Siegfried Galun 20-Dec-2019 $ 5  
Anonymous 25-Dec-2019 $ 5  
Michael Russell 08-Jan-2020 $ 5  
Georg Pousek 12-Jan-2020 $ 5 Joomla is a really great CMS
Mindphp Developer Team mindphp 20-Jan-2020 $ 5  
Smithers Smithers Charitable Group 12-Feb-2020 $ 5  
Incase ltd 05-Apr-2020 $ 5  
Anonymous 06-Apr-2020 $ 5  
Piensocial.com 09-Jun-2020 $ 5 I made some money with my extensions. So, thanks so much to allow it.
Anonymous 26-Aug-2020 $ 5  
  13-Oct-2020 $ 5  
Goncalves 06-Nov-2020 $ 5 Because I apreciate your efforts to provide open source software.