Community Micro Sponsorship

Community Micro Sponsorships allow those looking to support the project with smaller sponsorship amounts below that of a Corporate Sponsor. With community sponsorships available from $5, every little helps to make Joomla! better. 

  • Sponsorship can be processed through PayPal or Offline Payment.  
    • When using PayPal, once the transaction is complete, your sponsorship will be active.  
    • When using Offline Payment, your pledge to sponsor will be held until the funds have been received via bank transfer or check and published when funds have been received.  
  • Sponsorships of over $1000
    • Have the additional benefit of a thank you social media post and the sponsor can submit an image, bio and a no-follow link for our sponsor listing page.
      We will contact you after your sponsorship has been received to set this up.  

If you have any questions surrounding Community Sponsorships, please reach out to the Capital Team, who will be happy to help you.


This is the general community sponsorship campaign for 2017.  Contributing to this campaign goes towards helping the project as a whole.

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