An Official Joomla Event is a local, regional, national or virtual gathering of the Joomla! community for the specific purpose of promoting the Joomla Project. The Joomla Project encourages a growing and vibrant Joomla! community and Official Joomla Events are part of that effort.

To ensure continued protection of the Joomla! name, usage of the Joomla name in an event requires permission and agreement to this charter. In order to arrange or promote your own Official Joomla Event, you simply need to complete two items:

  1. Fulfill the requirements defined in this charter.
  2. Submit a your event here on for official approval.

1. Official Joomla Event Definition

  • An Official Joomla Event is an event open to everyone, and the only fee charged should be that necessary to cover costs. An Official Joomla Event should not be used as a commercial enterprise for profit raising purposes.
  • The aim of an Official Joomla Event is to provide an opportunity for Joomla! users to meet and learn together. There should be speakers on a wide variety of topics and usually an opportunity for a representative of the Joomla! Project to make a presentation or keynote.
  • An Official Joomla Event is an event targeted specifically at  Joomla! users and related projects. It is not acceptable to name an event, for example; "JoomlaDay" if other open source projects or commercial products which are not related to Joomla! are featured prominently.
  • An Official Joomla Event may be organised on a national, regional, or city basis. Every effort should be taken to not have competing Official Joomla Events  in a given geographic location, but there could be several events run concurrently in different regions. . For example JoomlaDay Chicago and JoomlaDay USA should not occur the same weekend. However JoomlaDay USA and JoomlaDay Australia could both run on the same dates.
  • An Official Joomla Event can be of any duration - from a few hours through to a multi-day event..
  • An Official Joomla Event can be backed up to another third party event, but not combined as part of another 3rd party event and must be clearly separated as an independent event, to avoid confusion that Joomla! Is officially sanctioning the event.
  • Examples of existing Official Joomla Events are:
      • JoomlaDay
      • JoomlaNight
      • Pizza, Bugs, and Fun
      • Joomla Festival
      • JoomlaCamp