Leadership Blog

We are happy to announce the final results for Group 2 Officers elections.

We are happy to announce that the recommendation phase for the President's election has been finalised.

We are happy to announce that the nominations for Group 2 Officers and Department Coordinators have been finalised. The following individuals have proposed their nominations, according to the new Nomination process. Included are their Manifestos and the timeline for the election for their role.

The board of directors is responsible for the budget of the Joomla! Project. At the meeting in June (23rd) the board approved the budget for the fiscal year 2022/2023. The very short version is that the board has approved all requests made by departments. Now the slightly longer version.

Elections for the Board of Open Source Matters, Inc. occur twice a year at 6 monthly intervals to ensure continuity of the board by electing half the members in each cycle.

According to the new Nomination and Election Process voted by the Members of Open Source Matters, Inc. and published here, The Secretary has to publish a Call for Manifestos from Candidates who are interested in running as Candidates for the Election as Officers and Department Coordinators of Open Source Matters, Inc.