JoomlaDay FR

Event Date: 02 October 2020

Promenade de l’Alma 50
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Timezone: European Central Time (GMT+1:00)
Event Description

This event is postponed till further notice

JoomlaDay FR is an annual event that brings together all French-speaking actors of Joomla! and beyond. Like the Joomla! Community, it brings together professionals, developers, web designers, beginners, experts, students, enthusiasts, and skeptics.
For two days, you will have access to conferences and workshops offered by experts.

With a unique and varied selection that should arouse your interest: this year, we have selected personalities from Joomla, and "industry experts".

By attending this event; you will learn and enhance your skills, meet other Joomla! enthusiasts, and share your experiences.

A Joomladay is a great event for learning, discoveries, meeting old friends, networking, and making new friends.