Do you remember the GSOC project JConnect on Joomla?. This multi-integration engine started out by connecting Joomla! with Elgg. If you are new to the project or forgot about it, see this page. Due to conflicting brand names, JConnect is now JConnekt; read the full story on the blog.

JConnekt Begins


The project is as active as ever, and all the latest downloads and updates can be found at the newly established website,

Some of the changes in JConnekt's codebase compared to 'JConnect' as you used to know it are:

  • Communication library replaced with a home cooked on for  improving  effiecient communication.
  • A unique feature called Auto Active Single Sign On. (Google do this for sub domains ; But we do this for cross domains too)
  • Wordpress integration is well underway and soon to be announced.

JC Needs You

JConnekt is still in its infancy as both project and product. Any help with quality assurance will be most appreciated. Track issues, write usability reports, explain in full what features you need for your site. Simply put, JConnect, in the spirit of FOSS, needs a community.

Ideally, by now everyone interested should start frequenting the new site, and rely on it to deliver all the latest JC news. To aid in the transition however there will be a couple more posts following this one, here at the Joomla Community Blogs, so stay tuned!