Shortly before christmas 2009 Ole wrote a blog asking the community for your input related the new OSM board members which the CoC needs to elect in February 2010. With the call "Community input needed - choosing new OSM board members" we started something new. Non of us in the CoC know what we will get as response or input. With more than 100 votes and 19 comments it is one of those blogs that got quite some attention. Some of the regional communities even posted a translation of the blog on their sites.

What is really positive is that in the 20 days from December, 22nd to January 12th we got 56 nominations. There are quite a number of old fellows and friends on this list but there are also some new names. Some people that nominated are from regional communities and normally not involved in our centralized website. I personally think this experiment was successful and we got a really positive feedback. Thank you all that have participated in the nomination, thank's to all the candidates showing interest and many thank's to everybody who helped sharing this effort with your regional communities.

Now you will ask what is next? The next step is a simple chat within the CoC. We will discuss the various nominations and might do a follow up with some of the candidates. We are interested to know those we suggest if we do not know them yet. Of course we will discuss our suggestions with the other teams of the project and get their opinion as well. In the end the CoC will elect the new board members for OSM. We plan the election before February, 15th in order to give OSM the new board members before their next meeting. So all these steps will be done in the next few days and weeks. And of course we will keep you posted about the decisions made.

For the moment I like to thank again the whole community of Joomla for this great combined effort and thank you for your understanding, that we now stick our heads together and might be a bit silent for the next few days. You gave us quite some homework to be done ;-).