Recently, Vu Hoang Viet a friend in Vietnam who was involved with the Vietnam JoomlaDay I attended last year, shared with me the following news article. He's translated it for English speakers below:

According to ICTNews, a newspaper of Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) in Viet Nam, Joomla has been recognized recently as an open source product which has high priority in purchasing and using in all goverment agencies.

Beside Joomla, there are other 7 open source products added to the recommended list this time: 
MIC announced a list of recommended open source product in 2007 that already has OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Firefox and Unikey( Vietnamese typing program).

Liferay (version >= 4.0)
Drupal (version >= 6.10)
Alfresco (version >= 3.0)
Postfix (version >= 2.5)
SendMail (version >= 8.13)
MySQL (version >= 5.1), PostgreSQL (version >= 8.3)


I found it interesting, and felt it worthy to share.