If you have the impression that more people are helping out with version 1.6, then you are correct. I just did a quick look through the CHANGELOG file for the past month and I found 22 names of contributors. Here they are:

Amy Stephen, Andrea Tarr, Andrew Eddie, Angie Radtke, Arlen Walker, Christophe Demko, Christopher Garvis, Dejan Acman, Elin Waring, Hannes Papenberg, James Kennard, Jean-Marie Simonet, Jeff Channell, Jeff Fendley, Jonnathan S. Lima, Louis Landry, Mark Dexter, Nabyl Sadki, Omar Ramos, Robert Deutz, Ron Severdia, and Sam Moffatt.

My apologies if I missed someone. We have been trying to lower the barriers and encourage more people to join in the fun, and it seems to be working. If you would like to help out, there is plenty to do. Please join us on the Joomla CMS Development list to find out where you can best help out. Thanks!