In consequence of adopting the new structure and methodology by the leadership teams, the Structure Team proposed a procedure for the formation of the Transition Team. The Transition Team will be tasked with providing guidance and processes to transition into the new structure.

The process outlined below was debated and voted on by the leadership teams, and adopted with 23 votes cast, and all in favor.


  • The Transition Team will consist of 9 members, which includes 3 leadership liaisons (one from each leadership team, chosen by that team), and 6 people to be elected from the community and/or leadership.
  • Nomination or self-nominations should be open to anyone from the current Leadership and the community at large.
  • How will the nominations be conducted and by whom?

    The Structure Team will conduct the nominations process, which consists of:
    • putting out the call for nominations (providing a form for that)
    • contacting nominees who did not nominate themselves to confirm their interest
    • setting up interviews with the nominees and carrying them out, and making those results available to all leadership team members
    • discussing the candidates within the team
    • create a short list of candidates to share with the leadership - LT can comment.
    • voting on the candidates will be done by the entire leadership on a private ballot form. The votes will be counted by the Secretary of the Board as well as two community members, also to be chosen during the nominations process
    • contacting all nominees to thank them for their interest
    • announcing the results

With the agreement on this process by the leadership teams, the Structure Team will prepare a call for nominations and follow the timeline below to proceed with the process.


  • Call for Transition Team nominations July 7 - July 21
  • Transition Team selection (interviewing, creating shortlist, vote) July 28 - August 11
  • Transition Team is announced August 12
  • Structure Team is dissolved August 12

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