NOMINATIONS DEADLINE EXTENSION: Transition Team nominations will remain open until July 31.


Since the vote to adopt the New Structure & Methodology proposal by Joomla leadership in May, the final task of the Structure Team is to organize the nominations to the Transition Team, which will implement the new governance and conduct elections to form the new structure for the Joomla project.

The Transition Team will consist of 9 members, to include 3 leadership liaisons (one from each leadership team, chosen by that team), and 6 people to be elected from the community and/or leadership. Nomination or self-nominations is open to anyone from the current Leadership and the community at large.

Voting on the candidates will be done by the entire leadership on a private ballot form.

Candidates with experience specifically in the area of organizational and governance transitioning are encouraged to apply. The work of the Transition Team is expected to last several months, and will require a significant time commitment.

If you or someone you know is qualified and motivated to serve on the Transition Team, please fill out the nomination form and tell us more about your interest, skills, and experience.

In addition, we are also seeking submissions of names of community members to assist the Secretary of the Board to count the votes at the end of the Transition Team election process. Two community members will be chosen from these submissions. If you, or someone you know is interested, a separate form is available for this below.

Some of the criteria that will be used when evaluating Transition Team nominations include:

  • Community: the nominee should have a strong track-record of successfully collaborating with, enabling others and earning the respect of the Joomla! community.
  • Character: the nominee should have a history of acting honestly, fairly and openly in previous and current roles held, have demonstrated a general conduct of a professional and considerate nature on as well as other sites and media channels, and be willing to read and agree to abide by the Joomla Code of Conduct.
  • Experience and Expertise: in particular candidates are sought who have a good understanding of management systems and experience in transitioning.
  • Availability: because of the importance and the amount of work this team needs to do, we really want to stress that candidates need to have the time to take on this responsibility. Like most Joomla teams, meetings will take place on week days, and the time of day of the meetings will depend on the time zone composition of the team. The amount of work from week to week may vary, but in general, candidates should be able to devote 4 hours to the work of the team. Interviews of candidates will take place between July 25 - August 2.

Candidates from any country are welcome to apply to either of these openings.

The nomination period will close on July 31, 2015. The target date to announce the results of the election process is August 31, 2015.

Links to the forms: