As part of the Joomla! project's 2012 goal setting and budget planning proposed process, the Open Source Matters board of directors (OSM) has come up with some ideas for possible top OSM 2012 goals and priorities. Those ideas are listed below.

Now, OSM would like feedback from the community about these top goal ideas. Please take a look and then join the discussion on the JPeople site about OSM's 2012 top goals and priorities to let us know what you think. Which ideas do you feel are most important for OSM to accomplish in 2012? Or perhaps you have an idea for a new top goal that is not listed below. If so, please share that in the discussion as well! Please add your thoughts to this discussion by November 16, at which time OSM will begin finalizing its list of top 2012 goals and priorities.

OSM aims to end up with a final list of 3-5 top 2012 goals and priorities which will be used to assist with the 2012 budget planning process. Some of the ideas below may end up being combined into broader goals, so if you have any suggestions about that please please feel free to share those thoughts in the JPeople discussion as well. Also, some of these ideas may still get worked on during 2012 even if they do not end up in the final list of OSM's top goals and priorities.

OSM's final list of top 2012 goals and priorities will be published alongside the 2012 draft budget for the community's feedback.

2012 OSM mission statement

All of OSM's final list of top 2012 goals and priorities should support this mission statement:

OSM's mission is to provide open, responsible, and effective leadership in support of the Joomla! project’s legal, trademark, events, financial, and external communications needs.

2012 OSM goal ideas

These are the ideas that OSM has come up with as possible 2012 goals:

Trademark and Legal improvements

  • Simplify our Trademark (TM) policies to encourage voluntary TM compliance, and positive community use of the brand.
  • Implement the Helpdesk software for TM-use registration submissions.
  • Combine and simplify the TM forms.
  • Create simpler rules and Trademark-use guidelines that also supports Internationalization goals.
  • Continue protection of the TM from abuse, that may include legal action as last resort.
  • Expand TM registration as appropriate.
  • Support Joomla expansions or new project initiatives with contracts and legal agreements.
  • Improve processes and communication between teams regarding TM matters.
  • Support approved changes and improvements to Joomla's leadership structure.
  • Define the first phase of an official certification system/process.

 Events improvements

  • Produce Joomla World Conference.
  • Increase the number of Joomla!Days by targeting under-represented communities and encouraging local community events (developer events or otherwise).
  • Support outreach to non-English communities (with JoomlaDay event support).

External communications improvements

  • Support growth and development of Communications team.
  • Develop a set of marketing materials to be utilized by supporters, evangelists, and businesses.
  • Support internationalization efforts (in our own communications).
  • Support increased outreach efforts to higher education institutions.

Financial improvements

  • Review and expand our income opportunities to better support the Joomla project.