The Joomla! Community Leadership Team (CLT) is currently seeking new members to join us on our team and we want YOU, our fellow community members, to nominate those you feel would be well suited! (yes, you can nominate yourself as well ;) )

If you’ve been around Joomla for a long time then you’re likely already aware of what the CLT is, what we do and how we fit into the project structure.  If that’s the case, feel free to skip to the bottom for the nomination details.  

For those of you who don’t know or who aren’t 100% sure, we’ve listed some details here to help outline the whole picture.

What is the CLT?

There is a large working group within the project called the Community Workgroup (CWG) under which certain sites/areas fall. Those areas are Joomla User Groups (JUGs), the Joomla Extensions Directory (JED), the Joomla Resources Directory (JRD), the Joomla Community Magazine (JCM), the Joomla People Site, the Joomla Community Forums, the Joomla! Community Portal, the Vulnerable Extensions List (VEL) and main site. Hundreds of volunteers make up the teams that manage those areas.  The Community Leadership Team, CLT, is the leadership arm of the project responsible for the Community Workgroup , CWG as a whole.

What does the CLT do?

Our CLT roles in the Community Workgroup includes recruiting new volunteers, working with the teams on daily tasks, adding necessary features to the various directories and sites, helping the teams roll out new sites when ready, as well as the overall responsibility of ensuring a healthy atmosphere for all contributors.  We also communicate on a regular basis with one another, members of our teams, community members and our fellow teams the leadership group - the Production Leadership Team (PLT) and the Open Source Matters board (OSM).  

In addition to our roles within teams, the CLT is also responsible for the organization and upkeep of the various sites in the family. This includes duties such as software updates, security monitoring, feature updates and overall site management.

There are also a number of administrative and communicative responsibilities where we could use some additional help such as blogging, keeping the community updated and involved in our news and decisions, community outreach and evangelism, scheduled and recorded meetings, publishing of meeting minutes and outcomes, managing our People site group, and utilizing other social media areas such as Twitter, facebook and YouTube.

We also want make a larger effort towards internationalization of the sites and communication between various regional and international communities and

Who is the CLT looking for?

So as you can see, the CLT has a lot on its plate and we could really use some new, fresh faces and ideas and experience to help us with these tasks, reach goals and move the Community Workgroup forward.  

We’re looking for people with the following skills and abilities:

In General:

  • comfortable working with people of different backgrounds - be they cultural, professional or any other
  • Somebody who can work well on their own but also contribute to combined goals as a member of a team
  • Demonstrate problem solving abilities
  • Ability to handle controversial situations
  • Some experience working/volunteering for an open source software project, preferably Joomla, though experience that can be shared from other projects is certainly welcome
  • General conduct of a professional and considerate nature on as well as other sites and media channels
  • Must have a reasonable and consistent amount of time to focus on your leadership responsibilities each week.
  • Must be willing to read and agree to abide by the Joomla Code of Conduct

Some specific skills that would be an asset to the CLT:

  • Good administrative skills - Not necessarily due to professional experience, but if you’re an organizer, planner, get-stuff-done kind of person then let us know
  • Management skills - whether in business or volunteer roles, if you’ve been a leader in the past, we’d love to know more about you
  • International community members with English as a first or second language
  • Writing/blogging/communication skills with a general interest in that area.
  • An interest in, and aptitude for making use of, social media channels of communication: twitter, facebook, youTube, etc

So if you or someone you know fits any combination of the above criteria and would like to be a part of Joomla’s Community Leadership Team, please send us an email with a name, some information about your nominee and why you think they would be a good fit,  and a preferred email address and/or Skype or GTalk details for contact.

We will be welcoming nominations from today through Friday, June 10, 2011. The current members of the CLT will be reviewing and considering all nominations from which we will select and contact those we feel would be the best fit to join. You can send your email to Please be sure to include “CLT Nomination” in your email title.