In preparation for the Joint Summit (CLT, PLT, OSM) sheduled for July 29 - 31, 2011, at eBay in San Jose, California, the Joint Summit Committee has compiled a list of proposed goals for discussion at the three day meeting. The list below is shared with the community for feedback before finalizing the meeting agenda.

The goals include planning and discussing the following topics (not presented in any particular order):

  • Who are we building Joomla for? Who is our target audience and thus who should we build new features for?
  • Better collaboration
  • The future of the Project
  • The Joomla Project common goals
  • The Joomla Project strategy
  • Evaluate our project structure
    • The future role, if any, of the Community Oversight Committee
    • Better understand how our teams function
  • Talk about processes (conflict resolution, budget process, ….)
  • How to attract more developers?
  • Review Sponsored Development program
  • Review our Mission, Vision and Values
  • Collaboration strategy with international communities
  • Joomla! World Conference 2012 - Setup a committee, define goals