Since the start of the Joomla! Project we have had an Events Team.  This team created the Joomla!Day Charter and helped create the first of many Joomla!Days. Over time, the Joomla!Day organizers became more professional and the help of the Events Team was not as necessary.

Without a clear description of responsibilities or concept as to what this team should or can do, activities have reached a very low level: near zero, if we try to paraphrase it a little bit.

On the other hand, we have a lot of things in terms of events to do and to optimise. With this request for help I’ll try to fill the gaps.

I’ll start with a brief description what the Events Team should do in the future and where I see areas we can work on. At the end of the process of building a new Events Team, we will have a list of responsibilities and a list of people who are accountable for those areas. We should also have a list of goals for the next 12 months so that we can see if we are doing a good job over time.

I know that sounds like a business and we are not employees of the Project. I personally have a clear policy: if anyone says he/she will do the job, they will be taken at their word to get the job done. We are all free to say no, but if we say yes, that means an agreement to follow through with the job. I love the statement from a little green person, Yoda, who said:


"Try not. Do, or do not. There is no try"

Brief description of the Events Team
The Joomla! Events Team is responsible for supporting, promoting and engaging in all other activities related to events with Joomla! as their main topic or Joomla! as part of the events agenda. The team evaluates its work and discusses the steps necessary to fulfill the needs of the future within the events area.


  • Approving Joomla!Day requests and helping Joomla!Day event organizers follow the rules in terms of trademarks and the Joomla!day Charter.
  • Approving events other than Joomla!Days that have Joomla! as the main topic and Joomla! in the event name.
  • Documentation of the rules and processes for approval and keeping them up to date.
  • Restructuring and enhancement of the events wiki pages on
  • Building relationships and communicating with the trademark, marketing, and communication teams, as well as the Joomla! leadership (CLT, PLT, and OSM).
  • Building a new website for a better presentation of events.
  • Organising the Joomla! World Conference in 2012

If you would like to work on one or more of these tasks, I am happy to hear your thoughts and I am much happier when you fill out this (form unpublished) to send me a request to join the team.

Thanks for reading