The Production Leadership Team is pleased to announce that it will be sponsoring a code sprint and is seeking participants for this unique event.

What Is A Code Sprint?

A code sprint is a dedicated session in which a group of volunteers come together at a geographic location to work on code for the Joomla project. Examples of code sprint sessions could include UI/UX improvements, working on new features, or long term planning and architecture work. Typically, six to ten experienced individuals will be brought together for two days for these events.

Upcoming Code Sprint

Michael Babker of the PLT will be coordinating this upcoming code sprint event. It will be held on August 15th and 16th, 2013, in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. We will be hosting up to eight individuals for this event. A high level list of goals for this event includes:

  • Code stability and bug triage – As necessary, participants in this event will help testing the CMS in preparation for the 3.2 CMS release and will aide in fixing bugs based on the current state of the code base. As well, we will focus on longer standing issues which require additional dedicated time and discussion to form a plan on resolving.
  • Multi-database testing – Emphasis will be placed on testing the CMS against all supported database environments during this event to ensure that the code will function properly on all databases and will aim to improve the code and fix outstanding bugs as it relates to this area.
  • Long term planning/refactoring – Discussion and code work will occur on long term refactoring goals for the CMS. Two current examples of this are transitioning the CMS from the legacy JApplication class to utilizing the newer JApplicationWeb (aiming to improve the application level code in the CMS) and refactoring of JInstaller (the extension installation code).

How Can I Volunteer?

Code sprints are open to all those who are interested and meet certain requirements as expressed by the PLT. For this event, we will only be seeking volunteers from North America. Volunteers should be active with the Joomla project, are familiar with the Joomla code base, have a functional test environment to test code changes, and are willing to commit to long term projects as needed to improve the Joomla code base.

If this catches your interest and you meet the projects requirements, please fill out this form. Applications will remain open until July 15th.

For further discussion about this event, please use this forum thread.