It may not be summer quite yet, but our Google Summer of Code (GSoC) program is well underway. Students and mentors are hard at work on specifications and work plans. Brief bios of the students and summaries of their projects will be posted on the community site very soon.

We've got a talented and enthusiastic group of students with ambitious project goals. They are backed up by dedicated mentors – and, of course, a supportive community.

People in the community are already pitching in to help. Andrew Eddie has generously agreed to donate a subscription to his online Developer Reference ( to each student. Thank you, Andrew! This will be very helpful to the students as they dive into Joomla! development, many for the first time.

Andrew has also agreed to be part of our Summer of Code Webinar series, which we're going to put on in the next few weeks. These webinars will be open to the entire Joomla! community and will also be recorded for viewing online. Some of the topics we've got planned are: Using Eclipse for Joomla! Development, Developing Joomla! Extensions, How to be Successful in the Summer of Code, and An Introduction to the Joomla! Community. We're hoping to add a few more topics, possibly including Version 1.6 ACL, The Joomla! Framework, and Security. We'll announce the webinar schedule in the next few days.