The first Joomla Development Coordinator Summit was held last week in Australia. Following the summit, the JXtended team announced a very generous gift for the Joomla! Community. Rob Schley, Louis Landry, and Andrew Eddie have literally taken GPL commercial product off their virtual shelves for inclusion in Joomla! 1.6 core.

OK, let's take a quick glance at the functionality we now can expect, as a result of their generosity:

  • Comments (the same comment system used on the Joomla! Community Web site);
  • Access Control improvements;
  • Ability to create unlimited nested Categories;
  • Library enhancements that developers are really going to appreciate.

Obviously, a huge thank you to Andrew, Louis, and Rob for this impressive gift is in order, and we thank you each, very much.

I want to make a few personal comments, as well. I have known these guys for a number of years and I consider them close friends. I admire their skill, their dedication to the project, and personal integrity. While they are well known and admired in the Joomla! community, they are not independently wealthy. They also have families to feed and bills to pay, just like the rest of us.

What they have done is a big deal. It's generous. It probably hurt a bit, even.

Worldwide, we are facing tough economic times. There are not many who are busier than members of the JXtended team. These three developers are subject to the same licensing requirements everyone else is asked to respect. Each step of the way, the three have adapted as our community has evolved. They license their work using the GPL because it offers *users* rights and freedoms that they believe are important. They have provided leadership for others trying to figure out how to market quality commercial GPL products. They contribute an enormous amount of time to help with the work required to keep things moving forward, here at

And now, they are sharing their own revenue generating, popular product for inclusion in Joomla!'s next release.

I am inspired and I am encouraged by their leadership. I will follow their lead. For those of us who earn a living using Joomla!, now is the time to contribute to the project. What we have available is what we collectively provide. If we want to impact Joomla!'s future, that can only done by our own personal investment in the project.

As has been true for many years, Andrew Eddie, Louis Landry, and Rob Schley invested in Joomla!. As a small token of my appreciation and respect, I will continue as a JXtended customer. I support those who support the project that I rely on to earn a living. That's how it works. It just can't work any other way.

Thank you, Louis, Andrew, and Rob. Here's to another amazing release!