Finally It is..

After some times of work with elgg and some other external applications(fake applications + web apps from my university friends) I've able to bring the JConnect API with easy to use configurations and with the maximum security. JConnect API allows your application to compatible with JConnect Engine and communicate with it.

Communication model

JConnect API with JConnect engine allows you to set your application to participate in dual way communication as follows.

  1. Joomla Requesting Communication
    • allows to do user(bulk)-synchronization
    • management tasks of ExApps
  2. ExApp Requesting Communication
    • User Synchronization
    • Authentication + SSO

Why it's different

You might get feel what's the difference between JConnect API and other API's like Facebook Connect ,Google Friend Connect. There is a big difference between them and JConnect API where JConnect API  gives you more capabilities than them. Here it is,

  • Other API are only front-end API's (query information + logged in user management) but the JConnect API allows you to access both front-end and the back-end of Joomla! And the JConnect API has the Super Administartor access level.
  • Other API's never(mostly) do not call your methods inside your server. But the JConnect API do so with informing you about some actions...

Go for it =>

If you like to integrate you'r application with JConnect (Joomla!). This is for you, read more about JConnect API and use it. integrate your application with us. Share your experience.

 JConnect API Wiki :
Try it! Download :