Seeing that there was no other blog describing progress of GSoC projects, I thought of putting in this one. The enhanced frontend editing is looking very promising, with in-place editing of menu items and module titles reaching a beta stage. Below are some screenshots demonstrating the same.

1. Click on the menu item you wish to edit

Enhanced Frontend Editing

2. And it turns into an input field

Enhanced Frontend Editing

3. Change the name

Enhanced Frontend Editing

4. And voila!

Ankit Ahuja from Delhi is working on this project and he seems to be doing a great job so far. In place editing forms an integral part of his project which is described in more detail in his forum post -

Currently we're looking for ideas/suggestions for accessing the id of the menu item in a more reliable manner (Currently using the class attribute of the li tag). This will enable extending the edit-in-place feature to templates that use other modules than the standard mod_mainmenu. All this has been achieved without hacking any core files. All one needs to add is a module chrome and make some changes to jdoc statements in the template. This means that most of you can easily use this once it's good to roll! Stay tuned for more updates.

Update: You can view the community page for the project by going here: