I’m glad to announce the final release of my project. You can download the latest release from here, http://joomlacode.org/gf/project/frediting/frs/. The following changes are present in the latest release:

  • Instead of ‘data-position’ attribute, now a namespaced class attribute is used. eg: class=”frpos.left”
  • Fixed IE Tabbed Editor CSS bug
  • Modal popups can no longer be closed by pressing ‘esc’ key
  • Added admin option to enable or disable automatic update of article alias on article title save
  • Compressed JavaScript using YUICompressor
  • Created user documentation and added help to admin component
  • Created API Documentation

I still might make new releases but this is the final release as part of the Google Summer Of Code 2009 program. I hope you find the extension useful and it gels well with your template. In case it doesn’t, I’ll be creating a more detailed documentation to add support for this extension to your template.

It has been a fantastic summer and I’ve enjoyed every bit of the coding. It has also been a very learning experience. I’ve learnt more about working with VCS’s like SVN, improved my general coding skills and got to interact with really cool people ( students and mentors ).

With the program nearing completion, I would like to thank everyone who has helped me in making this project a success ( am I right? ). First, I would like to thank my brother, Sameer, who introduced and encouraged me to take part in Summer of Code. My first interaction with the Joomla! community was through Elin Waring and Toni Marie, both of whom were extremely helpful and fun to communicate with. Also, Sam Moffatt helped me finalize my project proposal. Ashwin Date, my mentor, was always ready with suggestions and very receptive to any queries. Jennifer Marriott has been wonderful to help us out with blogging and answering general queries and so have been all the other mentors.

Last but not the least, I would like to thank you, the Joomla! community, for giving ideas & suggestions, testing my project, giving feedback, reporting bugs and keeping me motivated throughout the summer!

Like everyone else, I’ll be doing a WebEx soon. Plus, I might do a keynote as well ( which I’ll be presenting in my college )

Thank you!