October is going to be an incredible Joomla! Month, there are so many Joomla events--4 Joomla Days on 4 continents by my count. I wish I could go to all of them, but I'm really excited about the one I do get to go to Joomla Day and Joomla Dev Day New York which is really three full days of Joomla, October 21-23. It will be an amazing event for developers and people who want to start learning Joomla! Development.

On Saturday we'll have Mark Dexter giving sessions on ACL and how to make a plugin and Andre Tarr will be doing a session on making your own modules. And that's all on the non developer day. (Don't worry there is lots for non developers too, for example I'm doing a double session for Joomla! Beginners—bring your laptops and start a site!--and Joomla celebrities like Azrul Rahim, Michel van Agtmaal, Gary Brooks, Mike Carson, Alex Andreae, Alexandre Boussin, Alex Kempkens—apparently Alex is the official Joomla New York name-- Sebastian Lapoux, Rafael Diaz-Tushman, Barb Ackerman, and Kyle Ledbetter will all be teaching).

Sunday: DevDay

Then on Sunday we have a development deep dive. We're going to start off bright and early hearing from Rob Schley about one possible unified content model (UCM) for Joomla that he and others have been developing over the last year. Thinking about UCM for Joomla has been going on for many years, and I remember being at the Joomla Day New England three years ago and walking through Brattleboro hearing about some of these ideas from Rob.

A bunch of people at JUG NYC and in JBS have asked me what exactly UCM means. The short version is that instead of having so many different types of content (like articles, weblinks, and contacts) there is just one flexible kind of content. Now, most people say to me, oh so it's like CCK? Well, a CCK is an extension or application that can be even better and easier to build with a powerful UCM. Yes, that's part of it, but it's also so much more. As Joomla people know, we are all constrained by the importance of the itemId created through the menu system. This is important because you can have weblink id=7 and article id=7 and contact id =7, and we need to keep all of those straight using the menus where the itemId is unique. With a UCM we are free from that because  all the kinds of content we have will have unique ids. That's going to let us solve all kinds of problems in the CMS like sef urls, multilingual sites, tagging that incorporates all kinds of content, taking the ACL implementation to the next level and much much more.

Then we are splitting into the platform track, the CMS track, and development management. The platform track will be doing a hands on workshop building platform applications with Louis Landry. This was so much fun at the  Chicag Joomla! Day , and it will be even more cool now that we have great   examples to fork. Then in the afternoon, Mark Dexter is going to teach us everything we need to know about JTable and using JdatabaseQuery for solid, database agnostic queries.

The CMS track led by Geraint Edwards in the morning and Rafael Diaz-Tushman in the afternoon is going to build a new component in a day. The development management and tools track will learn about rapid template development from Matt Thomas in the morning and about using Git for version control from Forest Mars in the afternoon.

Road map meeting on Friday

And if you come in for Friday you can participate in the road map discussion about what the 3.0 CMS will look like, including (I am sure) discussion about UCM, what models make sense for it and how it should be implemented in the CMS.

October is just about the most perfect month to be in New York. Cool, but not cold, weather, leaves turning fall colors (assuming you have time to visit Central Park or look at the rivers), not flooded with tourists the way it is in December or in the summer months, but still into the “season” of shows, museum exhibits, events, shopping and excitement. The Micosoft space is right in the middle of the action, near Rockefeller Center and the Museum of Modern Art, a couple of blocks from shopping on Fifth Avenue and just north of the Broadway area. Not to mention that there are lots of bars (important for Joomla folks :P) and restaurants over toward 9th Avenue.

We <3 NY

Of course, my usual experience at Joomla days is that we are so busy learning, talking, joking, hanging out and  just being the Joomla community that I almost never see anything of the place we are in except for hotels and restaurants but you could always stay an extra day or come a day early to enjoy the rest of New York.  Last year I did some impromptu tour guiding around midtown on Friday and Satuday nights (our city never sleeps, in case you haven't heard, so you can perfectly well see lots things at 11pm).

I’m biased, but if you are a Joomla person and you can’t be in Bangkok, Tel Aviv or Florence next month, try your best to come to the Big Apple. But no matter what happy Joomtober!