I updated you recently on the capability to drag and drop modules and reorder them. Since then, I’ve been able to fix a few bugs as well as create a simple administrative interface which allows you to configure the functionality of this extension. Unfortunately, since admin access is restricted in my demo (for security reasons), you’ll need to install the extension locally to try it. Here is the latest release, joomlacode.org/gf/project/frediting/frs/ . Here is a screenshot:

The component now has an admin part from where you can configure the following:

  1. When you first start a browser session and are logged in, should editing be On/Off. Rest of the time, a session cookie is maintained to keep track of your editing toggle.
  2. Enable/disable editing of modules
  3. Enable/disable editing of menuitems and page title
  4. Enable/disable drag & drop ordering and positioning of modules
  5. Allow the template to specify the hover color by specifying CSS ‘background-color’ property for '#fr_title'. Or choose your own background-color on hover over titles using a color picker.
  6. Specify the unique class attribute for containers containing article titles. ( This is in case your template is using something other than ‘contentheading’, which is the default. )
  7. Display/Hide Advanced, Legacy and Other Parameters in the module modal popup editor. In case you decide to hide them, a link will be provided under the module parameters to the admin from where the user can edit the additional parameters.

Before you try the latest release, please make sure you completely uninstall any previously installed version and then after installing the component and the two plugins, you MUST read the accompanied README.txt since you’ll need to make certain changes to the template’s index.php.

Are there any other configuration options you would like to be able to set?

Please also report any bugs/feature requests here: joomlacode.org/gf/project/frediting/tracker/