We're running a series this week that we call 5x5. Every day this week we're going to highlight 5 Joomla sites in a particular category.

Today we're focusing on 5 national leaders that use Joomla for their official websites. There are many more such leaders, so if know of others, please post in the comments.

President of Argentina

The Argentine president lives in the Casa Rosada (Pink House) and the domain http://casarosada.gov.ar leads to the same site.

Argentinan President Uses Joomla

President of Ecuador

In addition to the president, Ecuador also runs its major government online newspaper using Joomla: http://elciudadano.gov.ec

President of Ecuador Uses Joomla

President of Guyana

The President and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs both run Joomla in Guyana.

President of Guyana Uses Joomla

Prime Minister of Cape Verde

Really we could have chosen many Cape Verde examples for this series because their entire government runs on Joomla. Use the pulldown menu in the top right corner to find more examples.

Prime Minister of Cape Verde Uses Joomla

Ayatollah of Iran

Unpopular as he might be outside of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei is a national leader and he run Joomla sites for several languages including Arabic and English.

Iranian Ayatollah Uses Joomla