The other day we passed our 10 million downloads on JoomlaCode for Joomla! which is a phenomenal mark. Considering that JoomlaCode is just under two and a half years old that isn't a bad effort. JoomlaCode has turned into a great environment for supporting not only Joomla!'s own development but also Joomla!'s free extension community. Every developer from our community has access to the exact same tools that we on the project use to build Joomla! which I think is pretty cool. But shifting nearly 3 terabytes worth of data each month doesn't happen without a few key people.

The first and most important people are the JoomlaCode Team. You don't see or hear much from them, like most of the infrastructure guys in Joomla1, they're in the background making everything work. There are tonnes of these people out there in Joomla! who work to keep everything running smoothly from the JED editor's to the forum moderators, and JoomlaCode has its admin's who manage projects and help support the product. So really, thanks to the JoomlaCode Team for keeping one of the larger services of the project running.

JoomlaCode is of course housed by the guys who host all of our servers, Rochen. They're great and they keep a watch over the servers on the very low level to make sure everything is working fine. They've even put time into fixing low level issues that have come up over the years and even performance tuning over the servers. All in all they've helped us build the stable system that we have today.

And last but not least we also have GForge to thank for providing us the software that powers the heart of JoomlaCode. GForge is a really nifty bit of software and its great to see it donated to the project. Just recently we rewrote the way the build system works to hook into the SOAP API that GForge provides to build automatic upload facilities for the swag of files that comprise a Joomla! release.

And for those interested, here's a link to my screenshot (yes I really did stay up until 4:40am (GMT+10) to get it!).