Congratulations to, the Joomla-based winner of the “best IT startup” title at the annual Thuiswinkel Awards ceremony in the Netherlands.

Martin Beijer, the site's founder, created the site to teach students how to type. Students get a personalised reporting and statistics system, ratings, training flash games, parent control, certification and many other features. In addition to the trophy, Martin won almost €90,000 in prize money.

About the Thuiswinkel Award

The Thuiswinkel ('Home shopping') is an association represents e-Commerce companies in the Netherlands. Its focus is to strengthen the image of and promote confidence in buying products and services online, with a strong focus on the core values 'safety' and 'reliability'. Members may use a 'Thuiswinkel'-trademark on their site to indicate they follow the association's rules and regulations. The 2010 Thuiswinkel Awards are based on 174,000 individual store reviews in 2009.

Interesting Joomla Websites

Hat tip to Michel van Agtmaal for the information about this site.

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