How many times have we seen that written in the forums, in one way or another?  And you know what, I agree.  Every last one of them.  Wait, who is the Joomla Support Staff?

That's right... there isn't a support staff.  New users to the forum frequently make the mistake of blaming unanswered posts on the failings of the nonexistent "support staff".

Sure, we've got forum moderators and administrators.  They are tasked with making sure the posts are in the right forums, that the posts follow the rules, signatures are in line with the guidelines, etc.

But while forum moderators frequently take the time to answer questions in the topics they moderate, that is merely a bonus.  The forum moderators are not responsible for answering support questions.

The Joomla! forum is entirely the responsibility of the community itself.  Every individual forum user has the ability to answer a question or two.  The more questions each user answers, at their own ability level, the fewer questions are left unanswered. 

I encourage everyone to read and answer as many questions as they can, because quite frankly that's the best way to learn.  Answering the questions you know and reading the ones you don't will eventually make you a Joomla! expert.