We are excited to introduce one of Joomla!’s Development Sponsors, Complusoft. Showing a big heart and team spirit, Complusoft, who is contributing at the Platinum level, specifically asked to take on some of the “less exciting” work that they felt other developers wouldn’t want to do. Complusoft was founded in 2001, and is based in Madrid, Spain.

Complusoft offers various IT solutions but specializes in certain areas such as consulting and bodyshopping. The company also offers customized development based on open source solutions, including Joomla!. In addition, the company has developed targeted vertical market software such as management applications for townships and industrial bakeries.

Laura López de la Cruz, Complusoft’s organizational director, says Joomla! quickly became the company’s shining star for web development and allowed the company to tackle big projects and win a lot of client satisfaction. Wanting to give something back, Complusoft decided to sponsor development and programming hours to the Joomla! project.

“We are very proud to contribute to the great project that is Joomla!,” de la Cruz says. “Complusoft believes strongly in open source software and works with many other open source solutions in addition to Joomla!, and contributing in this way makes us feel that we are a part of the huge community that is helping to spread open source software.”

OSM president Ryan Ozimek notes that Complusoft also offers free first level training in open source solutions to users that can prove their involvement with an open source community, and instruct almost 2,000 students per year. “Complusoft is a company that really walks the walk, and we are so pleased to receive their help and support.”

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