Louis Landry and I have been working on the Joomla 1.6 Menu Manager refactoring for a little while now and it's in a reasonable state to preview some of the new features.  I've assembled a series of rough screenshots in this PDF: joomla_1.6_menu_manager_alpha_preview.pdf (268 kb).

This is a series of five slides that highlight several new features in the Menu Manager itself and others that will translate across all core components.  Please note that this is a preview of active development.  Some features and the user interface still need work, so just keep that in mind when viewing the document.  This is just a preview :)

Slide 1 - The Menu Items List

  • Access both the Menu Item and Menus list from the new Linkbar.
  • Integrated management of trashed articles.
  • New filtering options.
  • When menu items are unpublished or trashed, all of the children are also set to the same state.

Slide 2 - Integrated Trash Management

  • A new safety feature is that you can only delete items permanently when filtering only on trashed items.

Slide 3 - Batch Processing

  • Batch set the access level of selected menu items.
  • Copy or move menus from one menu to another and also choose the new parent item.

Slide 4 - Editing a Menu Item

  • New Toolbar actions to save the current menu item as a copy, or to save it and then start a new menu item without going back to the list.  These icons should become standard across all core components where applicable.
  • Experimenting with new parameter options for menu items (still a work-in-progress).
I will also be looking at if we can control the module display from this page so that you will be able to select which modules display on this menu item without having to go back to the Module Manager.

Slide 5 - The Menus List

  • The state counts are now linked back to the menu item list and set the appropriate filter automatically for you.
  • All the modules that are mapped to the menu are displayed.

If you would like to discuss any of these feature, please jump onto the Joomla Development CMS mailing list.  Keep an eye on twitter for the #joomla16 tag. Our hope is to be releasing an alpha version of Joomla 1.6 on or about 22 June, 2009.

A special thanks need to go to Roarz Computing and Zacware for making this work possible.