What an amazing first month of a beta launch at People.Joomla.org, 3249 members and climbing.  So many opportunities for the Joomla community to network and socialize!  

We are presently testing extensions and are very anxious to add more functionality to the site in preparation for an official launch.  At the moment we do not have a specific date set for the official launch.  More to come on this subject as we move along.

I have posted an explanation of the Community Managers as well as a list of the Community Managers presently working on the project in the News and Updates section of JPeople.  We are in need of many more bilingual CM's to cover the wide variety of languages spoken.  

We appreciate everyone patience as we prepare for the official launch and look forward to your feedback.  There are a multitude of places to leave your comments such as the people.joomla.org forum and the Community Help Group.