With the release of 1.6 nearly upon us, we thought it would be fitting to celebrate with something… fitted.

The Joomla! shop is exited to announce a limited-edition run of a special t-shirt that heralds the long-awaited addition of ACL. With the critical code line running down the front and a bold decree on the back, the design proclaims community excitement over ACL’s incorporation and lets you broadcast the news with style. And, you can feel proud that your purchase is supporting the release of Joomla! 1.6.


Only 500 shirts will be printed – snap yours up and rock your Joomla! colors. Available very soon for $16 in the Joomla! Shop.

New Joomla! 1.6 t-shirt

In other Joomla! Shop related news, thank you to all the folks who sent me emails wishing to join the new shop team. I am going to review all of the notes and I will be in touch about that very soon.