Last Novemberr the Joomla! Community in Italy put on an incredible Joomla! Day. Over 500 people attended and another 7000 watched on the live stream. I watched some of it live, and (even though I don't speak Italian) it was amazing.  Not only that, they ran it as a free event and still made enough money to contribute 750 Euros to the Joomla! Project.

I Love Joomla! Day Roma


This was the second time the Italian community did a hugely successful event, with some of the largest crowds ever at Joomla! Days.

You can see more photos, video and slides.  Some are in English and some in Italian, but they are definitely worth looking over. Hagen Graf's Joomla! Template From Scratch is definitely worth viewing if you have ever really wanted to understand how to get going with your own templating. Others are great too.

Thanks go to all the volunteers who helped to organize such a great event as well as the sponsors, JoomlaHostIITGiBiLogic and Prismanet who made the event and this contribution possible. Also a special thanks to AxelRed for his non stop commitment to making this and other great things happen for Joomla! in italy and elsewhere.

This is really a great contribution which will, among other things, help fund more Joomla! Days around the world this year. At last count, there are 18 already scheduled! Wow.  And it's only February.

Edited: The Joomla! Day was in November.