In this blog post I am presenting a method on viewing the progress of this project. For the moment Ithere's no test website, but in the near future it will be available. 

The component with the HTML feature implementation during the first weeks of May can be downloaded from here.

The reorganization of the component's code is almost finished. After installing and testing the component from the link above, there are a few  simple steps that allow you to view the current status of the reorganized component. (Using these you will be able to see all the changes, real-time, made until the midterm by simply using svn update).

1. Delete the directory /administrator/components/com_versioncontrol

2. Change the current directory to /administrator/components/ and run

3. svn checkout

I would kindly ask experienced developers to just take a look over the reorganized code (even only on the svn) and tell me if things don't match the MVC design which should be used for components. I have tried to reorganize and rewrite parts of the code such that it could be easy for developers to maintain this component.

The comparing and merge features are not yet available in the reorganized version. We decided to adopt a wiki style with a bit of Ajax, so that the user doesn't have to do some many clicks to view changes made on an article. These will be available in the following days. Stay tuned :)

What other features would be useful for you?