Happy Birthday Joomla!

Image by Baked Creation

Today, we have great cause to celebrate because Joomla! is four years old!

It takes many of us participating in many different ways to ensure the Joomla! project moves forward and people are successful using Joomla!.

Thanks you to each of you who share Extensions, Joomla! 1.6 Feature Patches, and Bug Patches that strengthen the Joomla! code base.

Thank you for helping in the Joomla! Forums and on social networks, like Twitter. Those who take time to write documentation and blog about Joomla! provide useful resources for learning.

We thank those working in local communities for helping organize Joomla! Users Groups and Joomla! Day Events. Your efforts translating Joomla! make it possible for others to take advantage of the environment in their language.

Thanks to those who help oversee the Joomla! Shop, the Community Web site, forums, Resource Directory, Site Showcase, Extensions Directory, and JoomlaCode repository. The Joomla! Leadership Team, Production Working Group, Community Working Group, and Open Source Matters organization provide necessary foundation for this project to thrive.

It is because of our collective efforts that Joomla! is made available for anyone in the world to use to create Web sites so that they might communicate more effectively with others. Happy 4th Birthday, Joomla!, and thanks to each of you who helped make this possible.