It is our privilege and pleasure to announce the immediate release of Joomla! 3.1. The biggest feature of Joomla 3.1 is Tags, a built-in tagging system chiefly engineered by Elin Waring and Mark Dexter. However, it’s not just any kind of tagging, it’s dynamic tagging across content-types.


Basically, we didn’t just create tags for articles, but rather we integrated tagging into other areas of the Joomla core that made sense (e.g. contacts, feeds, etc). For example, Tags allow you to create lists, blogs, or other layouts that combine articles with other content types any way you’d like. Not only that, but you can dynamically create the tags from the content, without having to navigate to the Tags component, thus bringing you both power and simplicity.
Furthermore, we took it a step further and provided an API for extension developers to integrate their extensions with Tags. Extension developers will also have the ability to develop innovative ways to use tagging beyond what is in the core CMS. Do you see where this is going? This opens up a whole world of opportunities to create blogs, lists, etc, from an assortment of different extensions and information. For example, you could have a blog that displays tagged items of:
  • Articles
  • Products from your e-commerce store
  • User profiles from your community
  • Events from your event calendar
  • Images, videos, and files from your galleries
  • Any combination of the above and hundreds of other content types
As you can see, Tags in Joomla is the first of its kind and there’s no other major CMS that comes close.
Along with Tags, Joomla 3 offers the following major features:
  • Mobile-ready. Joomla is the first and only major CMS that is fully responsive. It has a responsive site template, responsive admin UI, responsive core output, and we provide developers tools to make their extensions responsive as well.
  • Customizable Access Control
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Streamlined 30 Second Install
  • One-click upgrades with backward compatibility, so that your site continues working seamlessly.
  • Built-in multilingual capabilities. Again, the first and only major CMS that has such a feature. Our competitors don’t come close.
  • Thousands of extensions
  • For developers, the Joomla User Interface (JUI) library gives you a standardized backend & frontend interface. LESS CSS and jQuery means you can write less code and the Icomoon font icon library provides a wealth of retina-optimized icons.
  • And plethora of other easy-to-use minor features
In conclusion, we hope you that you will enjoy exploring and utilizing Joomla! 3.1’s Tags capability and the other new features Joomla! 3.1 has to offer. Cheers!

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