Tesco LogoTesco is the largest retailer in Britain and third in the world behind only Wal-Mart and Carrefour.

They've just released a new training website serving over 400,000 staff members worldwide: TescoAcademy.com.

They choose to build with Joomla, together with Moodle for the learning management software. The site provides a highly customised user experience, filtering content depending on the users's role and business area.

Matt Fox, the Director of Kineo who built the site, commented:

"We are really proud to have worked with such a fantastic brand as Tesco. We've helped them realise their vision for the use of learning through this portal and shown that open source can work in a corporate environment at scale."

Hat tip to Kineo.com for the excellent work on the site and to Brian Teeman for uncovering the news.

Tesco Website

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