A lot of very talented and passionate people have been working hard for a long time on a special gift that will be given soon to the Joomla! community. That gift is the new Joomla! Community Magazine. It is our hope that every month, the magazine will have great articles about Joomla! that will inform you, educate you, challenge you, inspire you, and celebrate the positive impact Joomla! is having all around the world!

This is YOUR magazine, and it needs your help!

There is one very important ingredient which is still needed before the magazine can truly become the success that we hope it will be, and that ingredient is YOU! The centerpiece of our plans for the magazine include enabling our entire community to write articles and contribute to the magazine. This can be your opportunity to share with the rest of the community what you know about Joomla!, what you love about Joomla!, and what you have accomplished with Joomla!

How to submit an article

1. First decide on a subject that fits one of these magazine categories:

  • Joomla! Events/JUG In Depth-Write an article about a Joomla! Day or other event you participated in or that is coming up, or a Joomla! User Group (JUG) that you are involved with.
  • Designer's Studio-Subjects with a connection to Joomla! that are of interest to website designers.
  • Developers Workbench-Subjects with a connection to Joomla! that are of interest to web developers.
  • Administrators Toolkit-Subjects with a connection to Joomla! that of interest to website administrators.
  • Feature Articles-Subjects of general interest to the Joomla! community that do not fall neatly into the other categories listed above.

Note: Our team of editors and authors are also working to deliver articles in other categories such as Leadership updates, Extension/service reviews, Website case studies, and Joomla! in the News/Media. Please  visit the Roles: current and open thread in the Joomla! Community Magazine Editors forum to learn more about
how you can also contribute by joining our team.

2. Read our Article submission Guidelines. This will hopefully help answer your questions about how to write an article for the magazine.

3. Write your article (around 500 words would be great), then go to our Coming soon page and submit it! For authors who have MS Word, please look for the links on that page to download ur MS Word 97-2003 template or our MS Word 2007 template, paste your article into the template, and then attach that to your email submission. The current deadline to submit articles for the first issue (planned for a June release) is May 20.

Learn more about the magazine

To learn more about the magazine or ask questions, please visit the Joomla! Community Magazine forum.