Since 2001, SOHO has provided specialized solutions for its clients, assuring them that their services were being promoted to their target markets through the latest technologies for small businesses and large corporations. As our experience with Open Source solutions has grown, we have introduced solutions for Joomla, WordPress, and Magento platforms. We now have a group of software experts and development professionals with combined programming experience of over 50 years in both LAMP and .NET environments. As website professionals working on a wide range of client sites, we recognized the almost daily need of our CMS clients for add-ons and plug-ins. Recognizing that many clients shared the same or similar needs but couldn’t easily find the components they were looking for (without the cost or time of custom development), our team of professionals responded with ready-made solutions.
We pride ourselves on our commitment to this very specific niche, and our pursuit of technology development in this area is ongoing. Our team of development professionals includes web consultants, programmers, and marketing professionals that understand the growing needs of our customers -- from all three perspectives.
When it’s about internet software applications, you should not go for anything but the best. SOHO Prospecting is committed to offering exceptional services at reasonable prices.

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Configuration Support, Design & Development, Hosting Providers, Marketing Support, Programming, Technical Support


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