If you’ve been following the blogs on community.joomla.org in recent months then you are aware of an initiave that’s been taking place to redesign the look of the Joomla! family of sites here at joomla.org

We’ve been fortunate to have the work of Steven Pignataro and his team. They have presented us with some concepts and put a lot of time into plans for reorganzing the content on the various sites as well as collect valuable suggestions from you. The most recent design received the most feedback, some of it positive but also a lot of push from you to have this process opened up more to the community.

With that request in mind, Kyle Ledbetter, who leads the Joomla UX group on people.joomla.org has accepted the CLT’s request to join the redesign team and help move the process to a more open format.


The plan is to use a similar model for the redesign project as the people.joomla.org J!UX group is using for community collaboration led by a team of individuals with a strong presence in the Joomla templating world.

Not everything has been ironed out yet. I will let the new Redesign team update you on details as they unfold, but I can say that you should be looking forward not only to some great new concepts for the j.org sites but also an opportunity to be a part of the process and the end result.

A huge thanks to both Steven and Kyle and their teams for taking on this large task and working together to move it forward in a new, more open direction.