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Joomla! User Group Verona

Joomla! User Group of Verona is a community that promotes the use of Joomla, organizes events, courses and talks on the CMS Joomla!. * Joomla! User Group Verona è una community di Verona che promuove l'uso di Joomla, organizza eventi, corsi e talk sul Cms Joomla!.


Joomla User Group Eindhoven

||DUTCH|| De Joomla gebruikersgroep Eindhoven komt elke maand op de tweede donderdag van de maand bij elkaar. Bezoek voor een overzicht van de komende bijeenkomsten en om in contact te komen met deze gebruikersgroep. * ||ENGLISH|| The Joomla User Group Eindhoven meets every month on the second Thursday. Visit for a list of upcoming meetings and to get in touch with this user group.


Joomla! Users Group of Northern Virginia

The Northern Virginia Joomla! Users Group has been meeting regularly since May, 2009. In 2010, we produced our first JoomlaDay in the Washington, DC Metro Area. * Our group consists of website and code developers, some of whom have been using Joomla! for years and others who are just getting starting with it. So we cover the gamut of topics at our meetings; everything from getting your first Joomla! site up and running to serious topics such as security and customization. We have a really helpful, diverse group of Joomla! devotees, so come out and meet us!


Joomla! User Group Yaoundé

First Community Joomla developers Cameroon. * For those who like web development using Joomla CMS for sharing knowledge. an extension of the tool. We organize meetings, workshops, To give the Cameroon another way to design websites, beautiful,attractive,and efficient lights. * Première Communauté officielle des développeurs Joomla camerounais. Pour tous ceux qui aiment le développement web via le CMS Joomla, pour un partage de connaissance. une vulgarisation de l'outil. Nous organisons des rencontres, ateliers, Pour donner au Cameroun une autre façon de concevoir des sites web, beaux, dynamiques, attrayants, lights et performants.


Joomla! User Group Catania

Since ten years We Are All Joomla Enthusiast ;) * Joomla! User Group Catania is group of people that promotes Joomla, organizes meetings, workshops and talks on the CMS Joomla! * ------------------------------------------------ Da 10 anni Utilizziamo Joomla con con Entusiasmo ;) * Joomla! User Group Catania è un gruppo di persone che promuove l'utilizzo di Joomla, organizza incontri, workshop e chiaccherate riguardanti questo CMS


Joomla User Group Wolfenbüttel

We're a group of funny people who works with Joomla from the time it is born. We build a lot of sites for private and commercial use. * So here we are: The Joomla User Group Wolfenbüttel. * Wir sind eine Gruppe lustiger Menschen, die mit Joomla bereits seit seiner Entstehung arbeiten. Wir haben seit dem viele private und geschäftliche Internetseiten gebaut. * Also hier sind wir: Die Joomla User Group Wolfenbüttel.


Joomla User Group Stuttgart

Every Joomla user is welcome if Enthusiast, Programmer or Beginner. * We will have 2 session every meeting and have fun after the sessions.


Joomla! User Group Dhaka

This is a Joomla! User Group (JUG) for Bangladeshi Developer and Designer Specially for Dhaka Region. You are free to discuss anything related to Joomla.


JUG Sauerland

The Joomla User Group Sauerland is excisting since 2011. Everybody, who is interested in Joomla, is welcome. The JUG Sauerland meets at every second thursday of a month.


Joomla! User Group Kaohsiung

我們是居住在高雄,喜好 Joomla!® 的一群人,如果你也知道 Joomla! 的好,或是想多瞭解 Joomla!,歡迎到我們的臉書專頁瞭解、參與,本使用者社群的首次活動將於 2016 年夏季舉辦。* We are joomlers in Kaoshiung city, we would like share the benefits of Joomla!® to people. Our first meeting will be summer 2016. Please join our Facebook page to find out about Event details.


Joomla! User Group Delhi

Together as community we educate students, companies new to joomla, professionals and enthusiast by sharing knowledge and love of joomla in Delhi and nearly 200km area.


Joomla! User Group Kandy

We are the first Joomla! User Group in Sri Lanka. We meet once a month to discuss and learn about Joomla! and related technologies. Not only that, we will have talk and presentations on start-ups, freelancing, promoting Joomla! and open source philosophy, and many things. It is a great opportunity to meet people working and studying IT in Kandy.

Category:Sri Lanka

Joomla! User Group Toulouse

Le groupe de Toulouse se rencontre 1 fois par mois autour d'un verre pour discuter de sujets variés autour de Joomla!. Du débutant au confirmé chacun est le bienvenu pour échanger et partager. Un thème est proposé à chaque rencontre : chacun est libre d'en proposer un. Les annonces des rencontres se feront sur Facebook et le site de la Cantine : * The Toulouse group meets once a month for a drink to discuss various topics about Joomla !. From beginners to advanced everyone is welcome to exchange and share. A theme is proposed at each meeting : everyone is free to propose one. Dating announcements will be made on Facebook and Cantine site :


Joomla User Group Kampala

Joomla User Group Kampala meets monthly to discuss and share knowledge about Joomla.


Joomla Users Group Bay Area

Visit The Bay Area Joomla! Users Group is comprised of web designers, developers and Joomla users who live and work in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have been meeting, sponsoring Joomla! Days and workshops since 2008. * This eclectic Joomla Users Group is comprised of beginner to advanced integrators, designers and developers of Joomla, and we strive to support all levels in our meetings and events. We also have a directory on our website for those wanting to be part of new projects. This helps people can find work, network with other designers and developers or post questions they have about Joomla. * Our meetings are monthly and are held in various locations throughout the SF Bay Area; North Bay, South


Joomla! User Group Lille

Ce groupe à pour vocation de réunir débutants, utilisateurs confirmés et experts autour de Joomla. Le groupe proposera un espace de discussion en ligne et organisera , en fonction de la demande des réunions et/ou joomlapéros qui seront des moments privilégiés pour échanger autour de Joomla, son utilisation, ses applications et de faire connaissance avec les autres utilisateurs locaux. * This group is aimed to unify Joomla beginners, confirmed users and experts . This group will provide an online discussion tool and will organise events to allow members to meet other local users.


Joomla! Users Group Long Island

Mixed group of seasoned Joomla users and newcomers. * We welcome newcomers, and are dedicated to getting them * up and running with Joomla.

Category:New York

Joomla! User Groups Tarbes

The Joomla! Users Group Tarbes meets Quarterly, specially on Wednesday. This group is a great opportunity to meet experienced Joomla! developers who can answer questions you might have about Joomla! Web Development, SEO, Social Media and a multitude of other disciplines. * So if you’re a Joomla! developer or business owner with a Joomla! website or are just interested in finding out more about Joomla! you can join us. * From beginners to experts we're all here to share, learn and help each other. * Le Joomla! User Groups de Tarbes se réunit trimestriellement, spécialement le mercredi. Ce groupe est une excellente occasion de rencontrer des développeurs qui peuvent répondre aux questions que vous pourriez avoir à propos de Joomla! Développeme


Joomla! User Group Nice Côte d'Azur

Depuis 2009 débutants, utilisateurs avertis et professionnels se rencontrent tous les mois à Nice et à Cannes, pour échanger et s’entraider autour du Web et de Joomla! * Since 2009 beginners, users and professionals meet monthly to Nice and Cannes, to share and help each other around the Web and Joomla!


Joomla! User Group Strasbourg

Les rencontres se font suivant les demandes des participants, couvrant l Alsace entiere on essaie de voir un peu tout le monde. * N'hesitez pas a nous contacter pour connaitre la date de la prochaine rencontre, ou meme proposer de le faire chez vous :) * The meetings are organized according to the demands. It is located anywhere in Alsace, then why not in your city ? * Contact us for more information about the next meeting and how we are organised


Joomla! User Group Marseille

The JUG Marseille aims to group the Joomla! users from the region around Joomla! to discuss the news, share experiences, organizing events, meetings, and so on. From beginners to experts are welcome! * - Le JUG Marseille propose aux utilisateurs Joomla! de la région de se réunir mensuellement pour discuter de Joomla! et partager nos expériences. Tous les utilisateurs sont bienvenus, des experts aux débutants.


Joomla! User Group Lyon

Every month, the first Tuesday of the month, our group proposes you meetings based on the sharing and the mutual aid: presentation of new Joomla features, tips and tricks, use case, components, templates, support for the beginners in the wonderful world of Joomla!, Debug workshop, etc.... Our group opens its doors to all in the enjoyment and the good mood over a drink, so why not join us ? * Chaque mois, le premier Mardi du mois, notre groupe vous propose des rencontres basées sur le partage et l'entraide : présentation de nouvelles fonctions de Joomla, trucs et astuces, cas d'utilisation, composants, templates, accompagnement des débutants dans le merveilleux monde de Joomla!, atelier debug, etc... Notre groupe ouvre ses portes à tous dans la


Joomla! User Group Copenhagen - København

Welcome to JUG Copenhagen, we have existed since February 2013. * We try to meet once a month (excluding July and August). * We always have a relevant topic on the agenda, and on top of that we make sure that there is time to help each other solve specific challenges. * We try to accommodate all user levels, from beginner to experienced.


Joomla! User Group Bordeaux

Every month since 2008 our group proposes you meetings based on the sharing and the mutual aid: presentation of components, template, accompaniment of the beginners in the wonderful world of Joomla! Debug workshop, picnic, etc.... * For 7 years our group opens its doors to all in the enjoyment and the good mood then why not you? * Chaque mois depuis 2008 notre groupe vous propose des rencontres basées sur le partage et l'entraide : présentation de composants, de template, accompagnement des débutants dans le merveilleux monde de Joomla!, atelier debug, pique-nique, etc... * Depuis 7 ans notre groupe ouvre ses portes à tous dans la joie et la bonne humeur alors pourquoi pas vous ?


Joomla! User Group Petaling Jaya

This Group is open to everyone (Students,professionals, business people e.t.c). The aim of this group is to promote the use of Joomla! among the local Community.However, you can join this group irrespective of your background to connect, learn and share ideas with other Joomla! group members.