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Grupo de Usuarios Joomla Valparaíso

Joomla User Group! Valparaiso is a group formed by Joomla professionals and enthusiasts who share a passion for this CMS. We are happy to create this meeting place for Joomla Users to city of Valparaiso in which we are all called to bring the various initiatives to spreading, training and give support on Joomla. The group is essentially free and we welcome all interested parties to participate in all levels of knowledge, from beginners to professionals, because we are Joomla together as a whole.   Our meetings are a free and open assistance, which aims to interact more closely and community exchange views, experiences, providing information on lectures, courses, projects and permanently providing accompaniment to anyone who needs it.


Grupo de Uusarios Joomla! Region Metropolitana

Joomla! User Group from Region Metropolitana in chile in which people get meetings queartley to talk about Joomla! news tips, Joomla! web development