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Stretching Configuration.php for Git

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My company worked on a web application that was basically an extension of the Joomla 2.5 core a few years ago.  We took over the app from another development company that had gotten stuck (we never would have modified the core.) It was being deployed to AWS and the original developers altered the configuration.php file to return different values from their local environments based upon...
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Traduzindo Artigos da Revista da Comunidade Joomla

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A Revista da Comunidade Joomla é o maior repositório de informações gerais sobre o Joomla. Aqui encontramos um conteúdo valioso, geralmente em inglês. Às vezes, alguns voluntários separam um tempo para traduzir alguns desses artigos em sua própria língua. Nesse artigo vou apresentar alguma dicas e truques para ajudar os tradutores melhorar seus trabalhos.
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J and Beyond 16 - um encontro de família!

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O Joomla! é frequentemente referenciado como uma grande família, com isso em mente, não é necessário dizer que o JandBeyond é certamente considerado "A Reunião de Família" por excelência do calendário de eventos do Joomla!.
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Joomla 3.5: from 8-bit ASCII to full Unicode

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From a historical point of view, in computing, we can testify how character representation has evolved. Since the basic binary encoding of 0s and 1s, each bit has added more expressiveness. Today, Joomla 3.5 is here to introduce the current gold standard, full 4-byte Unicode (Utf8mb4).
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Avoid Duplicate Content With A Menu Item Alias

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The Alias Menu Item Type is an often overlooked type of Menu Item that is available in Joomla. In plain terms, it is used to create a Menu Item that links to an existing Menu Item. We can use them to create a duplicate menu item without creating a duplicate URL or duplicating content. It is very simple to use and it can solve SEO and content management challenges in Joomla.
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J and Beyond 2016, une réunion de famille !

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Joomla, c’est un peu une famille nombreuse. En gardant cela à l’esprit, il va sans dire que JandBeyond peut être considéré comme "LA réunion de famille" du calendrier des évènements Joomla. Désormais dans sa septième année, l'édition 2016 du JandBeyond verra la communauté Joomla! se réunir à Barcelone, la colorée, animée et créative ville espagnole, située sur la...
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JCM: Looking Into The Future

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The Joomla Community Magazine (JCM) is starting to undergo some changes. Since its re-launch in 2010, JCM has been helping to tell the story of how far the Joomla Community has come.
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The Best Way to Streamline Your Member Management

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Integrate Your Site To Your CRM! Managing a membership site can seem like a herculean task, but when you combine it with one of your other tools it can become a breeze.
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Qualifying for Premium Projects Only

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Have you ever had someone approach you to complete a project and spent days on interviews, emails, and research in order to develop a proposal only to have them push back on price? They want a Facebook clone crossed with Kickstarter and you discover too late that they only have a $500 budget. It can make you want to pull your hair out when your prospect goes from excited only to suddenly...
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Joomla! meets the Catholic World

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A few days ago, with the Association Joomla! Lombardy and the Web Advisor Team, I had the great opportunity to live a work day with Xaverian Missionaries; I don’t want to hide the strong emotion I felt in bringing our beloved CMS in a so prestigious area, with the presence of official Vatican State delegates and missionaries coming from all over the world.
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