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Beans, from a local developers perspective

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A couple weeks back I came across a comment on Sitepoint review of Beans, by local WordPress dev (and fellow convert from Joomla), Simon Dowles. I enjoyed reading about his first impressions of Beans, so I reached out and asked if he'd mind me publishing it on the ThemeButler blog. He was kind enough to agree, so without further adieux, here it is.
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Beans Snippets Package for Atom

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I spend a lot of time in my code editor of choice (currently Atom) and as such, I like to be as efficient as possible within my current IDE. Being that 99.9999% of the code I'm writing these days is centered around Beans, it makes sense to take advantage of Atoms built in snippets functionality to speed up the process.
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Customizing your Beans Child-Theme - Part 1

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Now that I've covered getting setup with Beans, I'm going to move on to some practical examples of how you can customize your child-theme using Beans.
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Access manager system plugin 1.0.0

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Access manager system plugin 1.0.0 by

(plugin is distributed as part of access manager component package)

Joomla! Core Hack

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Resize Image On The Fly and Cache 1.1.0 and previous

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Resize Image On The Fly and Cache - content plugin by

Version 1.1.0 and likely all previous

Open folder permissions

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JNews,8.5.1,SQL Injection

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JNews, 8.5.1 and all previous,

SQL Injection

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Voyager Sneak Peek

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Now that the new ThemeButler site is up, I've moved on to the next project, which is a new child-theme called Voyager. While it's still a way off, I couldn't resist sharing a preview of the WIP design.
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Jetext (abandonware), all version

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Presumed abandonware (no information about the developer) 

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Getting setup with Beans

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A quick video showing the process of getting setup with Beans, a child-theme and the Child-Theme Modifications for Beans plugin.
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Vnmshop (abandonware), all versions

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Vnmshop extension, unknown author (probably abandonware)

All versions suspected to be vulnerable

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