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Quix- Page Builder for Joomla!

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Joomla is one of the most powerful CMS on earth. As uncle Ben said ‘With great powers, comes great responsibility’. Despite Joomla’s power, its has one big drawback: building beautiful pages is cumbersome and complicated process.

A good looking page contains : components, modules and your modules should be rightly assigned to menu, etc.. As your site grows, it seems impossible to...

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gmapfp,3.39f,XSS (Cross Site Scripting)

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gmapfp,3.39f,XSS (Cross Site Scripting) Info disclosure, arbitrary fileupload

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Widgetkit 2.7 released

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We've updated Widgetkit to 2.7 today. This new version includes new custom fields like the Google Marker and a date and pathpicker. Moreover, you can now display any RSS feed on your website with the new added Content Provider. Of course this new version brings further improvements and fixes.

RSS Feed Content Provider

From now on you can display RSS feeds on your website. The new Content...

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Convert Old School Emoticons into Emojis with ReReplacer

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Emojis are popular. You can see them everywhere on Facebook, Twitter, and now in Joomla too!

I'm a fan of typing emoticons in the old way. On the web, I usually type the smiley one with :) and (y) to represent a thumbs up.

In this tutorial, I'll share a trick to convert those old school emoticons into the new emojis supported in Joomla 3, using the ReReplacer extension.

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Pagekit 1.0 released

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Last week the day had finally come to release Pagekit 1.0, our open source CMS that might just be the right choice for your next web project. The past couple of days have been beyond exciting for us!

With our experience in building for other platforms, the work on Pagekit has been directed by an idea that came to be a while ago: Let's build a CMS with a modern codebase that comes with an...

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Sneak Peek- JoomlArt’s new Free Joomla template JA Simpli

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A new idea which poped out of a general discussion between some innovative and geeky minds from Techjoomla, JoomlaShine, JoomlArt, Stackideas, Joomlatools and JoomlaCorner of developing a template which would be simple, light weight and one of a kind. Our friends at JoomlArt made sure that this idea turned into a reality which gave birth to JA- Simpli.

What's so special about JA- Simpli?


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How to Easily Insert Modules into Joomla Articles

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With Joomla 3.5's release, there's now an easy way to add modules to articles. The old way still works, but it's slower and not needed with the new click-and-set feature.

Here's how easy it is...

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Add Custom Javascript to Your Joomla Site

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One OSTraining member wanted to add Javascript to their site, but didn't feel comfortable enough to modify any existing files.

If you want to add custom Javascript to your Joomla site without modifying any existing files, we recommend the "Add Custom JS" plugin.

In this tutorial, we'll show you how to safely load your custom Javascript.

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ThemeButler forum shutting down

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After much consideration, I've decided to shut down the ThemeButler forums. The original idea was to provide a place where users of my themes could help each other out if needed, but I think it was a bit premature to setup a forum before having an active community. The main reason I setup the forum […]
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JTicketing 1.8 roadmap

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JTicketing, one of the most reliable event ticketing extension for Joomla is getting a new update soon. After a lot of feature requests and keeping the market demand in mind we have com up with these amazing additions that you'll get with JTicketing 1.8. Before you read what all is lined up for the future release, quickly have a look at features that were introduced in the last major...

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