Joomla! User Group Sao Paulo

Organisers : Kazuo Gomi Filho & Pahe Bleasby

Location: Av. Paulista, 777,Bela Vista

City / Town: Sao Paulo

Post/ZipCode: 01311-100

Meetings held: Monthly

Meeting Language: Portuguese

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We aim to bring together users and show the news who are going on in Joomla.  The meetings will be monthly and in a specified location previously for us. * Our intent are spread our love about Joomla to people in our meetings and also participate in talks and seminars, in locals like colleges, universities, meetups of FOSS, organizations and etc.

We will gather in WebSampa Publicity office and in case of no possibility of this, we will make our meetings in the community partner companies.

Grupo formado por alguns entusiastas do Joomla. Criado para ajudar os usuários, designers e desenvolvedores que amam nossos cms. Nosso objetivo é reunir usuários e mostrar as novidades que estão acontecendo em Joomla. * As reuniões serão mensais e em um local especificado antecipadame

Located in: Brazil