Joomla Users Group Bay Area

Organisers : James Foreman & Renea Leathers


City / Town: San Francisco

Post/ZipCode: 94117

Meetings held: Quarterly

Meeting Language: English

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We have been meeting and conducting workshops since 2008.

This eclectic Joomla Users Group is comprised of beginner to advanced integrators, designers and developers of Joomla, and we strive to support all levels in our meetings and events. We also have a directory on our website for those wanting to be part of new projects. This helps people can find work, network with other designers and developers or post questions they have about Joomla.

Our meetings are quarterly and are held in various locations throughout the SF Bay Area, North Bay, South Bay, East Bay and the Peninsula. We meet at spaces in San Francisco and throughout the Bay Area.


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Located in: United States
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