Joomla! User Group Greenville

Organisers : Andrew Hannush & Jim Holloman

Location: 20 W. Antrim Drive

City / Town: Greenville

Post/ZipCode: 29607

Meetings held: Bi-Monthly

Meeting Language: English

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If you manage a website that was built in Joomla!® or you're a programmer currently building in Joomla! you are welcome here.

We have onsite meetings where we discuss Joomla! extensions, templates, security and strategies to get the most out of your website.

Each meeting will have a theme and we encourage discussion and sharing of knowledge. And while some of our meetings may even benefit WordPress site owners, our goal is to promote the growth of Joomla! run websites. It's a great platform.

What is Joomla!? Take the programming friendliness of Drupal and the ease of use of WordPress and you get Joomla! Since 2006, this platform has steadily grown and matured into one of the most versatile open-source content management systems. And 3.7 through version 4x look to be taking it to the next level.

Located in: United States