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We are a small team from the Bern region - Switzerland, which has been working with Joomla for several years now. The * Joomla !? Is our great passion and we invest a lot of time + heart blood in this CMS.
Wir sind ein kleines Team aus der Region Bern - Schweiz, welches sich schon seit einigen Jahren mit Joomla! befasst.
Joomla! ist unsere grosse Leidenschaft und wir investieren viel Zeit + Herzblut in dieses CMS.
Meetings held: Quarterly
Meeting Language: German
[EN]The Joomla Association Switzerland aims to help make Joomla! better known, and JUG Zurich offers a platform to for discussions, lectures and debate about anything related to Joomla! -
Meetings held: Quarterly
[EN]The Joomla Association Switzerland wants Joomla! make better known and with the JUG Solothurn offers a platform for discussions, lectures, and exchange of ideas between all who are with Joomla! want to take a closer look.
Meetings held: Every 6 Months
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