Joomla! User Group Jawor

Organisers : Slawomir Pieszczek & Michal Wargacki

Location: Powiatowe Centrum

City / Town: Jawor

Post/ZipCode: 59-400

Meetings held: Every 6 Months

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We will meet regularly and organize lectures, presentations and practical workshops to exchange knowledge and experience and transfer of the local community our jointly developed solutions and new ideas.

We are a group of open and everyone can find their place here! If you are just starting their adventure with the creation of websites based on the Joomla! or do not know how to use Joomla!, come, talk, meet with people who know more!

If you already have some experience, you have company - meeting within the Joomla! User Group will help you establish valuable contacts that may lead to long-term cooperation and push the development of your company forward! * No

Group will meet at Powiatowe Centrum Ksztalcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego in Jawor according to the schedule on our website: * 

[PL]: * Grupa spotykac sie bedzie w Powiatowym Centrum Ksztalcenia Zawodowego i Ustawicznego w Jaworze zgodnie z harmonogramem umieszczonym na naszej stronie internetowej:

Located in: Poland
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